24 Funny Pictures that will Crack you Up

Talk of funny and we are super duper ready anywhere, anytime with a hilarious list of the funniest photos just to crack you up. And don’t you ever wonder why you need funny! You need it because it’s damn good for health and you need it because of your own sense of humor that sucks bad and you need it because, cm’on, you never say no to funny?! So sit back, and let those frowns turn into a big grin (and let it stay like that till it starts to hurt your cheeks).


1. Spot on! could have been a monkey attack along with that dog bite… and a tornado just after the fire…


2. The Star has a point tbh…


3. No way! either you are or you are not…


4. That’d keep people at least a mile away!

5. This reindeer looks so traumatized!

6. People need to know that Porgs are cute too! 


7. Wait! There are people who do that?!

8. Good thing! it can’t shrink more than that 10 years from now…

9. Santa better not lose weight now!

10. And you just wait to throw those one-liners in between and it’s not even funny.

11. So shall we finally call it celebrating sexuality?

12. They surely found an interesting way of advertising.

13. That must have been a ride!

14. Curious little penguin at work…

15. Yeah sure! why to go the easy way and actually fix the boot?

16. Maybe if it was slightly more cooked!

18. They don’t allow dogs to drink and smoke while skateboarding! Make Sense!!

19. That must be expensive.

20. “I don’t care about the crowd in the bus, I’m savage.”

21. ‘Enough internet for today’ moment.

22. If Apple will keep slowing down the old iPhones, then we’ll surely need to have this.

23. This cat’s face can win anybody’s heart.

24. What the heck Yoda is doing there.

(source: Pleated-Jeans, 2)