18 Expectation Vs Reality Illustrations Every Woman Will Relate To

The life of a woman is tough for sure. Almost all the females are forced to handle multiple things at one time and then there is the existing pressure of looking good at all times. Even hard working women fail at achieving the balance they desire in their life and that makes their life all the more difficult.

21-year-old Romanian comic artist and graphic designer Cassandra Calin has depicted the Reality VS Expectations of some of these pressures of a woman’s life in the form of some comic depictions. Have a look at them and do share them with your female friends and we are sure they would also agree with her.

1. Is it abnormal to have maternal feelings for an animal rather than a human?

2. Periods are the diet killers, We can’t help it.

3. The arrival date of the period never matches our schedule.

4. The makeup tutorial videos are easy to see but difficult to accomplish.

5. Being productive is a herculean task.

6. When we finally get out of our tight clothing.

7. Getting the perfect passport photo is just so difficult.

8. Protecting your freshly painted nails and doing your jobs too.

9. Getting the perfect hairstyle just does not happen.

10. Not having the makeup on makes you look like a Zombie.

11. We have to discuss and share our problems every day.

12. Whoever said workouts are fun was kidding.

13. Noticing hair left after a waxing is such a heartbreak.

14. Wet hair is always a mess for me.



15. When your favorite jeans would not fit you.

16. Hair fall is just so disheartening.

17. Just when you were sure that you have no extra growth.

18. And the final solution to all problems.