18 Amazing Facts About ‘Friends’ That You Probably Never Knew

‘Friends’ is a series that succeeded in taking over the world with its mere amazingness and characters who became our friends as well while the entire run of the series. Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Rachel were officially added as the part of our inner friend circle because they were that awesome.

In case, you consider yourself among the biggest fans of the popular show, you’d be aware of some of the things that took place on the sets and out of it involving the cast or anyone involved in the making process.

Well, even if you are aware of everything, the following compilation includes facts I know that you have no idea about.



1.  When Jennifer Anniston gifted Joey a little something.

2. Matthew Perry had his own struggles.


3. There might not have been the Monica and Chandler as we know it.

4. Because it’s reserved… duh!


5. So very thoughtful of them.

6. That actually sounds so cool.

7. When it all became so obvious but I am sure some of you didn’t notice.

8. Well, to be honest, they had their own reasons.

9. The timing was just perfect.

10. Now, that’s pretty clever, if we can say that.

11. This is the saddest new of the day.

12. Old names die hard, huh?

13. There’s a story behind everything.

14. And that’s what we call a jolly good show.

15. The one with the most titular names.

16. There’s a good point right there.

17. Not all stories have a good ending but they can have a good coincidence.

18. Cant imagine Courtney C*x as anything else.