16 Annoying Christmas Gifts Which Made People Downhearted

Christmas is undeniably everyone’s favorite time of the year. Everyone’s pumped up, bright lights shine everywhere and yummy candies are all around. And, to top up this merry situation is being gifted things. There’s no denying the fact that we all adore gifts. They don’t even need to be huge, any size of gift would do. An interesting aspect about the gifts is that each one carries its own unique story. These stories turn out to be great when someone picks up from the little clues you’ve been leaving around for the past months, but these stories turn legendary when someone gifts you something terrible. Yes, those gifting tales become grand because everyone you ever meet in your will get to know about them.

So, we thought it’ll be fun to show you some such weird gifts, hoping you wouldn’t get one this year. Go ahead and take a look at these 16 worst Christmas gifts ever!



1. A monkey-like sweatshirt, that too with a hoodie! Wondering why she didn’t like it.

2. How cool is that!


3. Looks like a lot of thought went in this one.

4. No silly! She’s just extremely worried about your health.

5. Get ready be thrown in for a deep dive, mate.

6. Pun-friendly gifts be like.

7. Or maybe she just wanted to see you go all green.

8. This could have been useful if you a twin.

9. Dad seems a little desperate.

10. Why are such people even allowed in offices?

11. Well, almost mom. Almost.

12. Pretty neat.

13. She knows her grandson way too well.

14. Anyways, you got a year’s stock now!

15. Karma will get this person real bad.

16. Well, her intentions were right.

(source: AcidNow)