This Street Artist Makes Voids Look So Amazing Just By Filling It With Sparkly Gems

Paige Smith is an American visual artist, installation artist and a graphic designer who is currently living in L.A. She is professionally known as A Common Name and is famous for her street art project “Urban Geode”, in which she installs sparkly gems into urban voids across cities. Her creations bring out a certain level of playfulness and charm as it invites us to look for the hidden treasure that a busy city can provide us. Here are some of her pictures that might just fill your hearts for the day.


A quiet space can be transformed into a new space with imagination.

What an Artistic way to highlight the tension between nature and human.


Who would have thought crystals could be apart of minimalistic art.

The simplicity in these pictures is remarkable.


Paige has that sense of Anomaly in her works which is a natural talent that many contemporary artists try to mimic but can’t afford it. With all the budding street artist in every corner of the world, it has become quite a hustle to be recognized and Paige has earned herself a throne. Well, she deserves it because she is worthy of it.

(Source: A Common Name)

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