Artist brilliantly Illustrates How Hard Adulting Can Be and It’s All on the Sticky-Notes

Adulting can be quite challenging and Insta-Chaz found a perfect way of depicting them through the medium of post-its. You will find these drawings to be nothing short of delightful. His depictions also consist of Venn diagrams which acutely confront the issue at hand while the text underneath highlights the additional insight one might require to grasp the wittiness of this artist.

This compilation will be a sheer joy to you from the very start to the very last. These comics point out the absurdity of modern life. Talking about the artist, Chaz, he is a genius who used the iconic sticky notes as the backdrop of his comics.


1. It takes a hell lot of time to reach from ‘now’ to Friday.



2. And the lump of clothing is shifted from bed to floor.


3. The way we dodge work is quite fascinating.


4. The scare ATM gives you at times.

5. Only a human will know this.

6. Not getting over the gap thing.

7. It’s inversely proportional to the number of people in a space.

8. This is the most accurate graph ever.

9. When you like money but the love isn’t mutual.

10. Cannot mess up the math.

11. It’s everything your parents own.

12. It’s a vicious circle we are talking about here.

13. Cannot beat the game, can we?

14. Well, we are all somewhat of an artist. *smiles sheepishly*

15. Running into an ex is always unpleasant.

16. If this is not a real story, I don’t know what is.

17. A class of people who think they are stupid.

18. “Life’s too short for bad avocados.”

(Source: Insta-Chaz)