16 Beautiful Portraits Of Women From Countries Around The World

We have totally changed the definition of beauty, well not literally but in ideology. The world of social media and fashion queens have led a toll on the true essence of beauty. It is not something that we can create, change or sculpt as beauty just doesn’t stand for one superficial statement. Beauty can be best defined as the charisma, innocence and art of intensity in once existence. I know its hard to understand but if we think it, demeaning our attitudes and prude we might get a hint of the natural beauty that we keep talking about.

Romanian portrait photographer Mihaela Noroc published a book called “The Atlas of Beauty.”  where she captures portraits of women from 37 different countries. It took her over four years to complete this project. Its main theme is to shower limelight on the diversity and versatility of Beauty. Here, are some of the pictures she took.



1. Reykjavik, Iceland.

2. Paris, France.


3. Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan

4. Nampan, Myanmar.


5. Berlin, Germany.

6. Mexico City, Mexico.

7. Omo Valley, Ethiopia.

8. Pushkar, India.

9. New York City, USA.

10. Delphi, Greece.

11. Ramallah, Palestinian Territories.

12. Cuenca, Equador.

13. Havana, Cuba.

14. Cambridge, U.K.

15. Cape Town, South Africa.

16. Bucharest, Romania.

Beauty does have numerous amount of flaw, raw and fatality. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Its ability to charm a pair of eyes beyond its scar is the true beauty. Photographer Mihaela did a flawless job in this project and taught us something true and unchangeable. We look forward to seeing more exuberant books from her.

(h/t: Indy100)