This Boyfriend Who Never Used To Listen To His Girlfriend, Learned His Lesson In The Harshest & Most Brutal Manner Possible

If you have ever been a female in the relationship, you’d know how very difficult it is to find the male compatible with you. Sometimes in the quest to finding that one person, you stumble upon certain questionable human species, you’d rather choose never to meet again. Ever.

This twitter user obviously had the pleasure of going through the dreadful experience of dating more than one such men and she decided to share the experience with the rest of the world. Because why not? We have all been so very busy with the new years hitting us, a reality check will be so very nice. So lets just give out a collective sigh and talk about the amazing story Sarah decided to share with us.

She called for an attentive audience, then went on a rant which for the record was very enjoyable if you relate to it.

A very peace of information for all you guys out there- always listen to your girlfriend. Always.



Here she starts it off by telling everyone how she once dated a guy whom she should have never dated. (Not that we did not have one of those)

We are trying to picture it. Not a pretty visual this one.


That’s not what a gentleman will do.

Because he ought to know everything.

Definitely not what a gentleman would do.

Let’s remember not to touch strange objects from now onwards.

Hear the girl, human, will you?

And of course, he didn’t.

Saving him from the evil inside him.

Nope. This doesn’t ring any bell.

Not even one of them.

I choose to forget every bit of this information.

Foot grater? Okay sounds good.

Your apology is rejected. My mind is filled with unwanted imagery.

It’s just going down from here.

Right question. Wrong timing.

We are joining in the laughing rampage.

Jot this down somewhere for future reference.

Moral of the story: Always listen to your girlfriend, no matter what. She is just trying to stop you from killing yourself. They have their heart in the right place.

(h/t: Twitter)