Black Woman Discriminated for Being Fat And Black In American Airlines and It’s Intolerable

Amber J. Phillips is a woman who was deprived of basic human rights because she is a black and fat. While traveling with American Airlines, she had the worst experience of her life which went even further downhill when the police were involved.

She was flying from Durham, North Carolina to Washington, D.C.

“The cops were called on me for flying while fat&black,” she explains.


She was held accountable for being a black woman.


The lady couldn’t bear the idea of a black woman touching her arm.


No one was willing to listen to what Amber had to say.

This is racism at such an insane level. I can’t even…

Amber wasn’t going to take any step against the woman.

No one should be made to feel that way.

All of them cornered her like bullies.

She asked other people for help.

It must’ve been so hard for her.

It just went south from here.

No one was siding with her.

He wanted to know where she lives.

It’s so hard to imagine that all this actually occurred.

Where is the humanity? Why did anyone not say anything?

Empathy and kindness aren’t lost completely.

Kudos to Amber for staying in such a marred condition.

Phillips explained,

“As a black woman, my life is always at risk, especially when facing policies that are in place to discriminate. Fatness is not the problem — the problem is the discriminatory and racist way we treat fat people in this country. I also need people to know that the intersections of my identity as a fat, black woman are what led to the racist interactions with the white passenger and the police.”

“This situation is why white people should stop calling the police on black people who are simply existing, especially in a country that, right now, is filled with unapologetic hatred,” she says. “I’m telling my story because I deserve to exist.”

(h/t: someecards)