These Blonde Nomads Sold Their Home To Travel Around The World

Travelling is the life and passion of many but there are only few who are able to bring the dream to life. It definitely sounds like an impossible task when you have already commenced your family as its’ the time you require to settle down at one place. However, this couple broke down the stereotype to travel across Australia with their two little bundles of joy.

The most shocking part of this family’s story is that they sold their house to embark a permanent road trip together. The couple has been blogging under the name ‘The Blonde Nomads’ since a long time and it has been a source of their income as well.


Have a look at the beautiful family.

The couple, Tracy and Rob Morris are 34 and 37 years old respectively, while their daughter Marli is five and son Ziggy is two.

It might look like as if the couple has the situation under control. However, they admit that their kids are hard to handle at times.


‘Most travel adventures involve some elements of waiting or sitting still – and like all kids, having them stay still for long periods of time is always a challenge.’

They are prepared for every situation.

‘We like to be prepared with lots of snacks and activities to keep our mini travelers busy. This means we also travel with a lot of bags – so juggling the kids, snacks, activities and all our camera gear can be a challenge at times.’

Tracy, in fact, is a professional photographer.

‘We are often contacted and asked how we manage to get the shots we do with two little ones. What people may not see is that we have taken “that shot” one-handed, with a baby on our hip while chasing our five years old.’

It gets so hard at times.

‘We work very hard to capture a variety of images and videos as we travel. One of the elements we find hard is the end of the day and sunset shoots.

‘When we are working for clients or visiting a destination, there are certain shots you need to get to showcase that area and unfortunately the light is usually best at sunset. This is also right on what most parents call “witching hour”.’

They take good care of the kids.

‘After the sun goes down and we get the shots we need – and the kids run out of snacks – we make a quick dash back home – wherever that is for the night – for dinner, bath and bed.’

The decision was very random.

We originally decided to rent out our home but at the very last minute we decided to sell,’ they said.

All they want to do is make memories with their kids.

‘It has been such a hectic, crazy and exciting time. It is an amazing feeling not to own many possessions and embrace the concept of “collecting memories, not things”.’

It’s either now or it is never.

‘We realised that if we were going to “jump” and take a leap of faith to become full-time travellers and support ourselves working full-time as The Blonde Nomads it needs to be all or nothing.’

They wanted to have some amazing memories with their kids before they really started to grow up.

‘Our kids are growing up so fast so we wanted to enjoy them now and believe that creating memories together like this is the most important thing,’ the couple said.

There’s joy in the simplest of moments together.

‘We will chase the sun, swim in the ocean daily, be sandy and sun-kissed, enjoy campfires, go fishing and generally slow ourselves down to enjoy these simple things together.’

It’s better to travel light.

‘We have donated 90 percent of the kids toys to charity as we know from experience to pack the bare minimum as we find that mother nature provides the best playground and fun for the kids.’

But the question remains how do they educate their kids.

‘Our kids are not school age as yet so we teach them the basic pre school elements in our day to day adventures,’ the couple said.

Feeding their minds with the most things around them.

‘We find play based learning is the best approach to keep their hungry minds active while on our travelling adventures.’

This world has no limit.

‘Australia is an amazingly diverse country and there will be no shortage in learning opportunities for us to share with our mini Blondies.’

Home schooling Marli is another option they are ready to take.

‘If we are still on the road the following year we have no problem with the idea of home schooling Marli.’

Everyone in the family is really happy.

‘They are at their happiest when they are outside exploring, getting dirty and learning through hands on play so this lifestyle suits them. We have our tough moments when they are tired and need some down time, like any other family with young kids.

There’s no tomorrow.

‘Don’t put it off and wait for the perfect time to come. If you are nervous about travelling with your little ones, start small, go on a few short adventures to test the waters. Start saving your pennies now.

‘Cut back on a few luxuries and you’ll be amazed at how much you can save. If you are planning a trip – it’s important to do your research.’

(h/t: DailyMail)