Woman had the Perfect Response after Catching her Fiance Sleeping with her Bridesmaid

The least that anyone expects from a pristine wedding is for it to go extremely downhill overnight. Who would want that for their wedding day? All we ever think about when we are in the loop of a wedding, is the bride’s gown, the venue, decorations, cake, oh and of course, the trippy reception party with a whole lot of wine. And the bride and her bridesmaids getting all pampered and pretty for the big day. They say that it is an honor to be a maid of a bride on her special day because it means they regard you as someone very dear and important in their life.

But wait till you hear this story of a bride-to-be whose wedding is ruined by her fiance cheating on her with one of her bridesmaids the night before her wedding. It’s the cruelest thing I’ve ever seen. Keep reading!


1. So, the actual bride didn’t want social media getting involved but her friend shared the news anyway.


We can understand; it’s hard to hold big news for that long.

2. How do we even try to put this in decent words?


My mouth is getting filthier by the minute. What kind of friend does that to their best friend?

3. Well, the wedding is definitely called off.


He is surely not invited, he might as well rot in hell for eternity.

4. Okay, it’s good that the bride is not alone.

After a night like that, anything can happen.

5. So, there are three bridesmaids, and it was the second one who ruined everything.

Now they are planning something.

6. So, the party was still on, they had a great evening.

Who needs a man like that anyway? Being single would be so much better.

7. ‘Painballs’, that’s a creative one!

I love how these girls stick together and still attended the party after a traumatic situation.

8. The ex-fiance and the traitor girlfriend are in Las Vegas, how?

When did they even flew there? They don’t even feel guilty at all, unbelievable!

9. What, they are getting married now?

Someone, please tell me this isn’t real! Omg, they have no shame at all. Not even a dime!

10. I can imagine her right now.

It must be painful but it must also be a relief for her to know his ex’s true color.

11. Couldn’t have said it better!

Girl, you are lucky that you didn’t end up with him.

12. She is a girl who likes bragging, isn’t she?

This is crossing all boundaries.

13. Haha, that passport should be mailed to him in pieces.

That’ll teach him a lesson.

14. Oh no, no one wants to see that.

But on second thought, judging by her behavior she might actually do that.

15. Yeah, you go girl!

That’s how an adult takes revenge.

16. Never leave Netflix behind.

I like the way she is reacting with all the drama, so mature and thoughtful!

17. Yes, true! The party was a good decision.

She is lucky to have a friend like you.

18. That was one hell of a story.

We need updates on what happens next.

Whoever that man is, he is getting such an awful karma for this, I already pity him.

(Source: indy100)