Bus Driver Praised By Passengers After He Helped Stranded Schoolgirl

It is so nice to see a piece of news that isn’t about something bad. Recently, a soft-hearted bus driver saw something that moved him to immediate action. The unidentified bus driver saw a distressed schoolgirl standing at a bus stop.

As it turns out, it was her first day of school and she was at the wrong stop! I’m sure that most of us can empathize with the girl. The kind man quickly stopped the bus, hopped out and assured the girl that she would not be late for class. He then arranged for a cab to meet her outside a nearby grocery store and gave her $6.50 of his own money to pay for her fare.

The story went viral after a passenger, Lynsey Jayes, snapped a pic of the incident and posted it to Facebook.

She explained what had happened, and remarked to BBC News that this was a reason that she didn’t mind being late for. The bus driver’s good deed may have cost the passengers 10 minutes of their day, but it seems that the public doesn’t mind missing a few minutes of work if it is for a very good cause.

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Jayes also remarked how everyone on the bus felt uplifted by what he had done. That his kind act had made a miserable day a little bit brighter.

A spokesperson for First West Yorkshire said: “We are delighted with the actions of our driver, who has shown exceptional customer awareness and consideration for this young girl, who was clearly very upset.

First West Yorkshire is grateful to Lynsey Jayes for highlighting our driver’s actions and to the many customers and other members of the public for their kind comments.

It may look like it, but the world is not so bad that the good people have been erased. Sure, it may seem completely dark at times, but then one gloomy Monday morning, a bus driver helps a little girl without an ulterior motive. And someone notices it. The world is completely bad; you can also do your part to make it a little brighter.