Irritated Chef enjoys Meat right in the face of Vegan Protesters

With vegans going crazy outside a restaurant that serves venison and wild boar in its menu, the chef of that restaurant first carved and then ate deer leg in the window of his restaurant. As the vegans were protesting, Chef Michael Hunter who is also co-owner of the restaurant vexed the protestors.

It was during their fourth protest, Mr. Hunter decided to take such a drastic step. Farmed ingredients are the restaurant’s specialty apart from meat.

It has been quite some time since the protestors have started accusing the restaurant of animal cruelty as well as killing innocent animals.


They also had banners which said ‘murder’ and ‘Chickens display compassion to others suffering. Can you?’. When the water went over the head, Chef of the restaurant protested against the protesting by bringing a deer leg from the kitchen.

The protestors made a request to Hunter ‘Please add vegan steak to the menu’ in chalk on the pavement outside, but were met with ‘taunting’ and a sign which read ‘venison is the new kale’.


After he cut the meat, he went into the kitchen and returned 30 minutes later and ate the cooked meat in front of the protestors.


When the video was posted on the internet, people didn’t have a lot of sympathies for the protestors.

They were questioning the basic thing- why protest outside a small business and disrupt their business? Do it in front of a food chain if you will.

He can do whatever the heck he wants.

One thing is clear though Chef Hunter is savage.

What do you guys think who is in the wrong here- Chef Hunter or the protestors?

(h/t: 9gag)