6 Comics Perfectly Depicts The Painful Stages Of Sleeping With Your Partner

Being with someone is tough, especially when it boils down to sharing a bed with someone. It can come off as a great difficulty for few as a bed is what a person can be very protective of. And then comes sleeping. It is a greater issue as your hands cannot stretch wherever they want (punching someone while they are sleeping is not good manners), neither can your legs.

Hence, here we will discuss in this article about the various stages of sharing a bed with a partner.

See first of all you need two things- a partner and a good cozy personal blanket. Do not depend on anyone’s blanket. Especially in the case of emergency,


1. You are having the best time of your life. No competition, whatsoever.


2. And it’s not a nice feeling to have.


3. Nothing seems to work out in your favor.


4. Nah. Nothing seems to work out for either of you.

5. Things happen when you least expect them.

6. Last but not the least, you ponder for a really long time which one is better.

(h/t: collegehumor)