13 Brilliant Illustrations Of Modern Societies In An Artistic Manner

How do we define Society today? Or more like, how do we want to define society? Honestly, a society can manipulate and turn something white into the black within a millisecond, that’s how fast it can change its color. But society is not at fault here, humans inflict it with the mindset which they think is pristine and want that to be shown in Bold Shining Letters. In the upcoming years, change is taking place drastically in both ways and let’s walk through these points and see for ourselves the illustration of the present society.



1. When your body is in present but your mind is somewhere else.


2. When Social Media gets the best of you.


3. Illegal child marriage.


4. Is everything for sale now? Even intellectual?

5. Most of the relationships these days are like a cycle of work.

6. Society never gives you any personal space anymore.

7. There are always two sides to every story.

8. Sometimes we do fail to appreciate what we have.

9. We all have two faces, some people are just better at hiding it.

10. Everywhere is a battlefield, all about the mind games.

11. Change has taken a toll making mainstream media a conqueror.

12. Oil crisis and its effect.

13. The ever-growing Street parties numbing society of its own identity.