15 Couples Reveal why they Failed to Consummate their Wedding Night, and It’s Interesting

Everyone imagines their wedding night to be a perfect blend of fun and romance. However, things don’t always go as planned. There is fate playing its role and the fact that people get drunk. As we all know, drunk-people are always adventurous and never logical.

Ranging from alcohol poisoning to roaming naked in a park (the last one might have or might not have happened), these confessions will make you realize that fairytale endings are far from reality.



1. When nothing goes as planned.

2. Sounds quite an intimate turn of events.


3. Because we don’t have enough couple goals already.

4. An unfortunate turn of events is what we call it.


5. Thanks to this dog for such an amazing wedding night.

6. Tears are flowing freely for this guy.

7. Sometimes you are just too tired to give a damn.

8. Some things are hard to let go.

9. This bride was overwhelmed with emotions.

10. Probably, the best honeymoon one can think of.

11. You are surrounded by signs. Avoid none of them.

12. Tiara is a good accessory if it counts.

13. Yikes! This doesn’t sound good at all.

14. Being a party animal can be tiring at times.

15. What a wonderful pair this one.

(Credit: whisper.sh)