20 Crack-brains who Truly Proved they Belong in The Garbage

Simply because we are humans doesn’t make each one of us cultured. In fact, you’d be surprised to know how many people living on this particular planet refuse to follow the path of everything that is class and basic human behavior. They simply embrace the idea of going a lethal rebel capable of making their fellow beings cringe from the inside out.

Now, such people might not be in majority but they do exist in enough numbers to leave a scar on the human brain as well as eyes. You will want to take six steps backs as soon as you get a feeling someone like this is around you. The person inside you will tell you to run to another planet for your own benefit.

In this particular compilation, there is a woman selling positive pregnancy tests, people who like to spit on a restaurant’s floor, a man whose weekends are the wildest there is and so many more. So in case, you are looking for the shudders to go down your spine, this is the place to be.


1. That doesn’t look very pleasing to my eyes.


2. Looks like there is a line of ladies for this one.


3. A gas station in Florida sells these.



4. A dumbo couple had a trip to Disneyland.




And you got a piece of trash right here. The mom, not the kid.

6. When you are convicted but tat is life.

7. Let’s hope that is a bone for the dog.

8. Who are these people that wanna spit on the wall?

9. A classy lady we got here.


10. That hairstyle gotta make some heads turn for all the wrong reasons.

She is trying too hard to grab attention and let’s just say she is winning at it.

11. Is this supposed to mean something spiritual? Because my spirit is leaving my body after seeing this one.

12. I hope they rise to do something good.

13. Let’s just hope heaven doesn’t look like the one below.

14. Posing with the daddy for a special picture.

15. Nothing in the world can compete with that.


16. Even Kid Rock would be like “why you do dis?”


17. These self-entitled people who think others are supposed to clean their trash.

Go pick your own trash and throw it where it belongs!

(source: eBaum’s World)