This Dad Recreated His Daughter’s Instagram Pics and It’s Hilarious

How far would you go to find how your kids spend their time online? Not sure on that one. As most of the parents are really fed up of their kids’ obsession with posting pics online, here is one dad who simply got too carried away in exploring the Instagram’s selfies of his daughter. Not only did he recreate those same selfies by posing in the same manner but he also posted them on Instagram. The result of this exercise has been so heartwarming that he has now a bigger fan following than his daughter. Scroll down to see how Chris Burr Martin trolls his daughter Cassie in the funniest manner possible.


1. Am I less pretty than her?

2. The perfect scary pose.


3. Yes, I can be as hot as she can be.

4. I can also get my belly button pierced.


5. Dirty deeds happening here.

6. A smile for the camera.

7. The slanting pose.

8. I too have some interesting Tattoos to flaunt.

9. Killing in black both of us.

10. Two similar looking dogs.

11. Could not wear the bikini though.

12. Tongue Out selfies are in trend.

13. One in the washroom is absolutely required.

14. The amazing side profile view.

15. The Insta King and Queen are here.

16. Do I not look like your lost twin?


(h/t: Instagram)