Dad Puts Elfs On The Shelf In Nasty And Creepy Situations That Are Absolutely Not Safe For Kids

“Elf on the Shelf” is actually a children’s picture-book written by Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell. In the book, Christmas themed stories are shown where Santa Claus explains who is a naughty kid and who’s not.

The phrase has become a Christmas ritual in most families, where parents lay out certain scenes to teach their kids about manners using the elf during the holiday season. But when these elves are left in the hands of the daddies at home, they totally create scenes which are obscene, funny and not safe for kids.

Check out these pictures to witness the crazy, bizarre and funny elf on the shelf scene some fathers on Christmas has created for their family. It’s definitely not PG13.


1. This one is the nasty one in the family, at least kids will be aware peeing in public is bad.


2. Poor elf, captured and to be burned alive by a weird group of force.


3. Chucky and Elf making babies out of Olaf’s cousin.


4. Just look at the cute mustache.

5. The wasted elf sleeping on the sidewalk.

6. For starter, pink cars are never a good omen!

7. His daughter’s barbie bathroom is ruined.

8. Hotboxing with the blonde chick on Christmas Eve.

9. They must’ve had a pretty nasty Thanksgiving dinner.

10. That is one costly snow angel.

11. This is freaking creepy, no wife will be happy with this!

12. The elf is always being captured, I wonder what crimes he committed.

13. See, I told you pink cars are never good!

14. Oh! Santa won’t be happy to see this elf getting wasted.

15. Maybe Game Of Thrones tonight?

16. Yuck! So that’s where the cones came from!

17. I don’t know which is creepier, the weird smile or the dead barbie?

18. Santa should be aware of what his elf is getting himself into.

19. This marine corp decided to beat the hell out of the naughty elf.

20. I have never seen such a relevant Christmas decor ever in my life.

21. Someone needs to introduce the elf to the loo.

22. I get it, the elf is going insane because he thinks humans love Olaf more than him.

I hope these funny and humorous decors spark an idea for this Christmas, let the craziness begin, and have fun creating your own display, get creative and cringy all you want, we like it. Ho Ho Ho!

(h/t: Imgur)