16 Dads Who Are Proving They Are More Savage Than Their Kids

All Dads are superheroes, well mine is a superhuman which is more relevant as he is obviously a human! They are these amazing species that was created to protect us, annoy us and love us dearly. And the hilarious part is they evolve in the most awesome way.

Father’s are cute and funny too. They will bring humor from any corner and still make sense in the most surprising manner. So, we gathered some stories on funny “father-moments” and you gonna have a big laugh on this.


1. Wow! Her dad can put the car into labor.



2. Just a wash day in the driveway.


3. It could’ve been worse!


???? welllllll would you look at that @theonlywayisbanter

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4. So, her dad thought bath bombs are for the toilet.


5. She gifted her dad a kindle and yeah, he uses as a bookmark. Very smooth!


6. I wonder how his lower half of the face looks like!

7. That is some mini french toast.

8.  Dad of the year award goes to..


9. It’s cute when some daddies really try.

10. Best Pizza trap ever!

ITS A TRAP! called it! #pizzatrapbydad #dadthinkshesfunny

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11. When daddy is a cute savage.

12. Classic step, letting mum garnish on the joke.


13. So, Dad decided to gift my aunt an E-book.


14. Dad has a seal for a daughter.


15. Her dad bought a snorkel so he could literally take a nap in the pool. Salute!


16. This dad is high up on the prankster ladder.

I can't believe it! This totally worked on Jax! #dadwin #funnydad

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17. This dad is pure savage.