20 Disconcerting Images That Can Trigger Anyone With A Sane Brain

Life can be quite a bit too much at times. Living in the basement of your parents’ home can be quite tough. If you know what I am talking about, then congratulations, you are a part of the dwelling neckbeards gang.

And if you aren’t one of them, then there are not a lot of things that can trigger you. But this gallery (yes yes, it’s filled with surprises), you will be left uncomfortable in your seat wondering how the heck did you end up in this gallery.


1. Can’t have that happening, can we?


2. Please don’t talk about your love juice.


3. The information I have always needed.


4. Because you shot them, bruh.

5. That is a painful sight, for the record.

6. When you point a finger at others, three points toward you.

7. Seems about right to us.

8. Don’t let her run away.

9. At least some experiment was successful.

10. When reality Vs Expectation is brutal as heck.

11. The president contacted me. It wasn’t a proud moment.

12. Who are these people? How can I avoid them?

13. No one messes with the legend.

14. This Hentai wallpaper ensures no one steals the phone.

15. Tell them everything they need to be told.

16. This passive-aggressiveness is sweet as heck.

17. That moment when you realize something is wrong.

18. Feminism will be the reason life on Earth will end.

19. Every guy be like.

20. You know nothing people.

I cannot speak for you but this made me a bit uncomfortable. I have no idea what rock these people are living under but it’s one place which no one should visit. Starting from the thought that girls avoid nice guys (which is triggering as heck). It can really get beneath your skin, making you feel all sorts of things, if you do not keep your shield up.

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(Source: eBaums’ World)