People Were Asked To Name Doncaster Council’s New Gritting Vehicles, and It Went So Good Till The End

Look, the government has a lot to answer for. But who cares, let’s talk about something funny. Okay, so the community of Doncaster received two new gritters. Great. Awesome. Who cares? Nobody, until someone decided to get the community involved in a way that would have made Leslie Knope very proud.

Here’s what they did… And I am pretty sure this should have been a plot of “Parks and Recreation”.


This was a very clever social media marketing plan and before long #DoncasterGrittingWorldCup was trending.


Apparently, the Doncaster Council takes naming the gritters veeeery seriously.


They had a literal panel judging the names…

And then a few rounds where people could vote for their favorite names. As well as a trending hashtag.

And finally, the world cup began…

Round one! Which one would you have voted for?

This went on for quite a while, and the internet was hooked… But things were quickly coming to a head.

I kid you not, there was even a finale.

This might be a bit weird, but are you as invested in this as we are? Well, here is the finale.

Semi-final round 1!

Round 2!

Round 3!

Round 4!

Do not underestimate how seriously these people take their gritter naming…

Finally, the moment came, and there was a live draw…

Now, for the finals! The competition was stiff and it was getting very exciting…


My word… things were heating up. And we weren’t the only ones who saw how clever this marketing was.

But everyone was engrossed, and the race was neck-in-neck.

If you think they were joking, check this out…

And finally, the time came to announce the winner.

And the winners were:

The winner, of course, was ecstatic.

I am now utterly convinced that Leslie Knope exists and runs the Doncaster Council, and no-one can convince me otherwise.