Evolved Elf On The Shelf Featuring This Baby Is The Cutest Thing On Internet This Christmas

Father to six- Alan Lawrence is quite a jolly person. One would think that after being a parent to six kids he will be a little bit cynical or irritated with the world in general but nada. This man has found ways to find awesomeness in every aspect of life. As we all love, Elf on the Shelf so much, there is a tiny bit of adorableness sprinkled all over the top.

Scratch that, there is more than a little bit in the following pictures as Alan’s youngest child took over the position of The Elf.


Here’s the bundle of joy we have been talking about.


He dressed up little Rockwell like the cute shelf.


Chew that bowl of noodle down.


From where do all those cute dresses come from?

Now, the question is who helps him with all the costumes- his wife. She helps in making the 4-year-old look adorable as heck.

His family and friends are officially a part of the population who partake in the tradition but in Alan’s mind, it’s somewhat creepy. Hence, he created his own version of it.

Keep em coming, Alan.

There is also a photo series that documents the comings an going of the eld. The best part is that Alan will keep on posting these pictures until the Christmas knocks our doors. One reason why absolutely love her idea. There is a picture of his other son who has Down Syndrome.

Playing the game as usual.

Having a gala time.

Just keep on smiling little buddy.

But do not trouble your daddy too much. Okay, you can do it.

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