18 Exceptionally Weird Photos To Start Your New Year With Chills

Everything seems to be going out towards the blue as we have taken the first step in 2018. Let’s talk about Logan Paul for one- that guy never entered 2018 with us. He just wants to be in 2017 where the world was still a better place for him. But time doesn’t stop Mr. Paul. It won’t stop for you as it didn’t stop for these people.

These people are living in a weird fanatical world where reality is a myth and you gotta do what you gotta do. When you will scroll through this gallery, the first thought to enter your mind will be- “Well. this is weird” and you won’t be wrong. You wanna know why. Because this is damn weird.


1. We all know where this ends.


2. The dog doesn’t feel very good about the cake.


3. Maybe this NYPD vehicle is designed to catch children.


4. The mesmerizing beauty of this building.

5. For the Pokemon lovers out there.

6. Oops mom, what did you do?

7. No one can be mad at him.

8. In case, you have a foot fetish.

9. Taking the rollerblading to next level.

10. This guy refuses to share his hat with anyone.

12. When Mcdonald’s is balancing your life.

13. Big wheels for people with bigger dreams.

14. The world is suddenly going upside down.

15. The ravishing lady comes out of the pool.

16. A mistake won’t be repeated twice.

17. Me: Let’s do the Backflip. Pilot: Okay.

18. And now, the picture is perfect.

(h/t: Metdaan)