15 Insane Myths You Believed To Be True All Your Life

Hypothetically speaking, would you actually believe if I said you’re only using 10% of your brain? I mean, that’s what the news and social media been feeding us but it’s not true. It’s a false statement, no one knows where these ridiculous stories originated because it’s been dated back from generations before and so on. Magazines, T.V and the internet helped spread these rumours which are so likely to be true.

I happened to believed that bulls get mad when they see the colour red from cartoons of my childhood like the looney toons or the infamous Mexican bull games. But it’s all just a false notion. So, here are some illogical myths that we will reveal that has been fooling us this whole time.



1. The truth about adding salt while boiling water.

2. The division of the Brain in absorbing knowledge.


3. Visibility of The Great Wall of China from space.

4. The truth on waiting 24 hours to file a FIR for a missing person.


5. The facts on the eyesight of Bats.

6. Caffeine on dehydrating our body.

7. The truth about digesting gum.

8. The false note on sugar exhibiting Hyperactivity.

9. Facts on oil preventing stickiness of Pasta.

10. The biblical truth on the fruit that Adam and Eve ate.

11. False statement on swallowing spiders at night.

12. Bulls are colour blind, period!

13. The truth on Breaking the Internet.

14. Facts on the Pyramids being built by slaves.

15. The true facts on using only 10% of your brain.

(h/t: Reader’s Digest)