This Female Law Student Got Objectified By Fellow Male Students On Group Chat And Wait Till You See Her Response

No, I’m not a die-hard Feminist, just a Humanist. But when women are getting objectified and people think its okay to do so. All I wanna say is that only a woman can give birth and you came out from her. So, why would any man in their right mind would wanna objectify the species that gave them birth or you can say “LIFE”?

9 out of 10 women are sure to have experienced it once or twice in their lives. And here we have a story of a girl named Eleanor Henry, 22, who was horrified of the texts she got, objectifying her by her fellow university students on a group chat where she was accidentally added.

It all started when Eleanor, a law student from Melbourne, Australia was accidentally added to a group chat, where men were posting pictures of her and making jokes about her body. They even referred her as a “Bike”.

These men were trying to hook up one of their friends with Eleanor, which is not a crime but the tips they gave him was in no way decent.


‘Bring her to Thailand,’ one replied. ‘We need a bike.’

Another suggested he say: ‘Show me where you p*** from. Works 9/10 times.’

‘I’d throw her on that bed,’ another said.

She is a human for Christ sake!


And they had the nerves to download her pictures through Facebook and use them to simply mortify her more.


Eleanor felt so offended and dirty that she talked to her sister about it and that’s when her sis advised her to take it public and post it on facebook.

‘After speaking with my sister I began to feel angrier and more passionate to evoke change”

After the story went online and gained Eleanor 98% of heartfelt sympathy, one of the men texted her back directly trying to apologize her saying that it was just a joke and they didn’t mean any harm.

What Eleanor did was brave and the right thing to do. This would at least become an awareness in social media though the topic is very mainstream. We are living in the year 2017 and some people still treat women as a piece of meat, I think they should learn to differentiate between a human and just a set of bones with flesh on it.

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