20 FML Confessions For People Who Are Sad About Their Life

Certain instances light up your world like a Christmas tree (What? She made a TFIOS reference! Yes, she did). And not at all in a good way. It will ruin you in every possible manner making you realize that hell exists on this very planet in your very breathing space. The sad part being you can’t exit your breathing space. So you gotta enjoy the lemon-ish hell you have been served like a Donald Trump on a platter and shout FML due to the food poisoning you will get later.

Here come a few instances people felt the same and we feel them;. We so feel them.


1. A step by step method of piercing a knife through someone’s heart.


2. Not what a child wants to hear.


3. Not exactly how she planned it out.


4. These words are so damn hurtful.

5. No one’s gonna believe you.

6. You could have at least informed her.

7. Not having a girlfriend sucks big time.

8. Shouldn’t have done that, person.

9. Ummm… let’s not get into this one, shall we?

11. Tell your husband to not hide those from you. Ever. Again.

12. Why do people have so many trust issues?

13. Stop saying the ‘P’ word dad.

14. Not the good voices then.

15. Not a parrot you should trust.

16. That’s definitely the saddest thing in that sentence.

17. Yikes! The height of bad luck?

18. Nice people you got around yourself.

19. Something you do not want your boyfriend to do.

20. No one should have that kind of best friend.