16 Photos Of The Funny Signs That Were Spotted At The Supermarket

A supermarket is like a paradise, especially for a foodie person. All kinds of good vibes in vibrantly packed groceries to tempting fruits, one can find anything and everything here. But, that’s actually an a-not-so-great thing for brands as they have to come up with attractive visuals and campaigns. Same is the case for the supermarket. To grab its customer’s attention, supermarket comes up with innovative signs and liners to seek the eyes of the on-goers.

You will find a witty liner for every kind of product here including condoms, eggs, bread, and even wine.To make you laugh we have shortlisted 16 of the best supermarket liners and signs of all times. So, without any further delay let’s directly take a look at these super-hilarious supermarkets signs and appreciate the clever minds behind them.



1. It’s a moment of glory. Absolute glory.

2. Because you can break bread every day you know & it’s kind of healthy as well. So, why not?


3. Your future depends on the choice you make today. Pick wisely.

4. Yes, these peaches come with some terms & conditions.


5. A new form of boneless chicken is here ladies & gentlemen.

6. Don’t just say cheese, you’ve got eat cheese as well baby!

7. Is someone trying to pass a secret message to you?

8. Not all frozen things are bad, right catty?

9. This store understands the monthly needs of women very aptly.

10. Nickelback’s lovers will find instantly relate to this.

11. Now even kids will get attracted to carrots.

12. Essentials. One of the most important essentials for unforgettable picnics.

13. When you are broke but can’t do without snacking.

14. This is how you can test whether or not that pale friend of yours has turned into a vampire.

15. Even Popeye couldn’t have come with a better offer idea for spinach.

16. Someone to share you single-ness with.

(h/t: TheSun), (Images: TNI PRESS)