Girl Comically Illustrates The Hilarious Perks And Drawbacks Of Having A Live-in Relationship With BF

Julie, a 26-year-old woman from Denmark, is the artist behind these comics that we believe are over the top hilarious. Her comic strips feature her everyday life with her boyfriend and she perfectly captures the quirkiness of little things in her relationship.’I make comics of my own stupidity iso it doesn’t go to waste’ writes Julie.

Do you have similar experiences? How different is your relationship? Can you relate to any of this? Scroll down to find out!


 1. When you are reluctant to adulting and he finds it weird.


2. Haha This is very cute.


3. This happens with every girl I suppose.


4. And that’s why never underestimate a push-up bra!

5. This girl is so goofy goober!

6. But she looks like a nice girlfriend.

7. And a clingy one at that.

8. And this one for all those who are shy around their partners…

9. Dogs are hilarious no doubt!

10. Live-in doesn’t seem that  fancy anymore.

11. Oh no, poor guy!

12. Such an adorable relationship!

13. Okay. Both of them are weird

14. And so made for each other…

15. Uh-oh, Not the right time to hug!

(credit: Tumblr)