This 17-Year-Old Girl Slams Her School For Sending Her Home For ‘Inappropriate Outfit’

Having to think about what to wear every morning for school, college or work is such a hectic job. You want to look presentable and decent at the same time look cute, which is not easy at all.

And when you finally manage to put an outfit together and get on with the day there will always be someone to judge on you, no matter what you wear, it’s a cruel world with too many eyes.

Earlier today, a 17-year-old girl from U.K was sent back home by a male teacher due to “inappropriate dressing” in the school premises.



See what she wore, I don’t think it’s looking odd or inappropriate. In fact, it’s quite decent!

The entire sixth form of the school was summoned outside the class for a uniform inspection, and half of the student body was sent back home plastering them of “inappropriate dressing” by one particular male teacher. Sadly, all the students who were sent back home were females.

The teacher also told them they “needed to raise standards.”

In order to justify the cruel act, this 17-year-old wrote on Twitter,


“I make YouTube videos to RAISE GCSE STANDARDS.

“I’m on the student parliament to RAISE SCHOOL STANDARDS. I am a feminist to RAISE SOCIETAL STANDARDS and yet here I am at home being denied an education.”

The teenage also adds that people, mostly students shouldn’t be judged on what they wear without knowing their financial background. Not everyone is privileged.

“It’s the way he told a student who hasn’t even been given their student bursary that they need to buy new clothes.”


After the tweet went up, people responded on behalf of the teenage student.

Main dedication should be on the academics not the way a student dresses.