Teen Girl Thrown Out Of Her College Gym For Wearing An Outfit That She Specially Bought To Work Out

We all love to add enough dosage of healthiness in our daily life. With the help of some of those smoothies, good food, and gymming, you can attain whatever you want. But sometimes things do not work out the way you want them to. Sometimes you are stopped from entering the gym because apparently, your clothes do not match the dress code.

One of the most basic things about the gym is that you have to have all your body parts covered so as to ensure our body doesn’t touch the machines adding more germs to the environment.

This woman added this picture and explained how she was abstained from entering the gym because her clothes didn’t settle with the dressing etiquettes of the gym. Undeniably, she was angry about it.


The above picture was added along with the post below.


They asked her to put a shirt on.


However, later she added saying that they asked her to do it for sanitary reasons.


Some people said that it looks appropriate.

While some were of the views that she should have known it already.

This guy was all about women empowerment.

No sexism according to this young lady.

Here’s Original Facebook’s Post:

While according to me, let’s just stay healthy.

(h/t: Facebook)