There Are Some Places On Earth That Google Maps Won’t Let You See

Google maps is a quite well-known tool that people have been using since years to reach places. Okay, scratch that. Google maps is the ‘it’ thing. You cannot survive without if you have no idea where you are going.

The interesting part is that Google maps is also a place where one can have a look at the otherwise hidden places. Moreover, you can also look at places that you might never visit. How amazing is that, huh!

However, there are certain places that Google Maps do not display. The reason behind that might be a mystery but there are certainly many theories. Here are some of those places. Have a look for yourself!



For the record, this is area 51. You’d think that you will be able to see most things if you are able to see the most secretive place on the planet. Nope! Not the case.

There are a number of places that do not show on the Google maps. Here are some of them.

Helipuerto De Cartagena in Los Dolores, Spain.


Apparently, there is nothing wrong with this place. When you look at this place, there are just empty fields. What’s really going on, though? No one knows.

The Marcoule Nuclear Site in near Bagnols-sur-Cèze in the Gard department of France.

This construction was built in the year 1956 for serving the purpose of military and industrial experiments. in 2011, a man was killed and four were injured in an explosion there.

The 15-mile radius of Mexican/American border in Hudspeth County, Texas has been blurred so as to give an impression of a painting.

The very reason behind this particular blurriness is not known but according to some theories, there is a Mexican drug cartel located here.

Terrace house in Utrecht, Netherlands, Oorsprongpark 8 at  ET Utrecht.

There’s probably nothing wrong with this house. As you search for it on Google maps, you see the terrace is distorted. Now, what’s up with that? Is it the headquarters of Illuminati? God knows.

(h/t: Indy100)