24 Groundbreaking Inventions which are Literally Freaking Us Out

We all get it, big inventions are a worldwide need, like Elon Musk and his SpaceX program – a big leap in the history of mankind and its technology. People at NASA doing what they do best in order to keep the world on track, it’s all a big project. But, what if I want to have a beer in my bathtub and didn’t own any opener, how can you help me NASA? I want answers!

Wait! Are you thinking I’ve gone crazy just like my boss did? Well, that’s the point, these big organizations cannot solve every silly little problem we face every day so someone had to save the day for us. And luckily, we do have smart and inventive people lurking around the neighborhood, they are the secret superheroes. These pictures below will tell you exactly how they saved our lives.


1. The airport which has the facility of dog therapy.


2. It has the tag of the fillings, great for people who are vegetarian!


3. The glasses can levitate in this bar, is this Asgard?


4. It’s a sink and a washing machine fused together; the future is here!

5. And finally, a bottle opener in the bathroom, my prayers are answered.

6. A TV tray table for the customers at this bar.

7. And the crayons have a hexagon shape; won’t fall off anymore.

8. Pizza store that provides you with the instruction to resurrect your dead pizza.

9. It’s a towel holder, and yes, it has a USB charger.

10. A market that has a dog-house right outside for their customers.

11. It’s a one-way glass, you can watch TV while peeing.

12. Aww, this is very thoughtful, food for stray dogs.

13. A bracelet to save your keys while running.

14. The world’s first Solar paneled road; didn’t see that coming!

15. The building has the map of its nearby routes, how convenient.

16. This chilling pod in a grocery store can freeze your warm water when needed.

17. That’s really genius.

18. How to save your expensive nails.

19. This can be the deal changer, frankly speaking.


20. Whoever came up with this idea needs a medal.


21. We will never have to clean our hands again.


22. No spilling the things anymore.

A spoon that will not let the honey get away.


23. This is going to literally change your life.

Garbage bags letting you know when you are running low.


24. Please, enjoy your popcorn miss.

Movie theater having a stand for the popcorn

(Source: TheChive)