This Guy Creates Artworks So Outta This World Because He Believes “The Facts Are Not Beautiful”

New kinds of art forms and inventions are being made every day and very thanks to the internet, the world can now easily access and explore the artworks of a unique creator. Huseyin Sahin is one such gem of an artist who is winning the hearts of many over Instagram with his absolutely gorgeous pictures. This visual artist gives an all new meaning and depth to perfectly captured images. We are sure that each one of these 17 pictures that we’ve included here is about to blow your mind as much as it did ours. Go ahead and take a look now!



1. Home is where the turtle is?

2. Is that your irrational fear as well?


3. That’s right, we’re living on the beach planet. So, just relax while we are here.

4. Fans of smurf will be happy to see this.

5. Because eagle and deer make Eager.

6. Life’s like this merry go round actually.

7. Shh. Don’t make a sound the baby is sound asleep.

8. Looks like the seahorse runs on the command of this mermaid.

9. Can these four beautiful dogs really take the burden of the train?

10. Are you playing well with the rules in the city of your dreams?

11. That’s the cycle every animal has to go through.

12. Are you living inside your own quiet world?

13. The path to sail your dreams is here but step carefully.

14. It’s about purifying the world, within and outside.

15. Anyone tempted to play a match or two here?

16. Entertainment is much more these days, it’s a living reality.

17. The artist insists on looking at this picture upside down as well.