This Guy’s Tweet Reveals The “Eye-Opening” Truth About Living With Female Roommates

There is a very popular quote that says, “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves”, which is utterly true because friends are the next best people we have after our very own family. And having a best friend in life is a true blessing, not all of us have the chance to have one. And when it comes to girls, they are literally like sisters but from different parents. A girl’s bond with her bestie is strong, lovely, very intimidating and they definitely share every story with each other.


It’s a hard concept for men to understand this bond because they often get surprised by the hype of enthusiasm in the relationship of girls. A Musician from UK Craig Shapes experienced the same situation for the first time when he recently moved in with his girlfriend and her best friend who is also a girl. He shared his newfound dramatic life on Twitter and it’s the best thing to read so far.


And it all began when they all moved in together last year.


Yes, definitely true, women have sharp memories.


Haha, we say these all the time, but why would you think girl’s don’t p**p?


Yeah, the hair-clip thing is a nightmare, we keep losing them.

You know, smart girls calculate the time out and dress 2 hours prior to the outing, just saying!

I have like 5 candles so I guess this is also true.

It’s weird how girls are attracted to Reality shows and uhh! The Kardashians!

We still can’t figure out the reason for this yet!

We just make it a bad day for excuses, ain’t it ladies?

There is a stalker hiding in every girl’s body, comes out in times of need.

They are comfy as hell so it’s reasonable.

The weirdness doesn’t need a background music playing.

The Drama is the fun part you see, though it’s exhausting.


And this is called thinking and acting ahead.

Well, not all girls share their clothes.

This is the annoying part, hair just everywhere.

You see, there are good times too.

Because emotions run fast in the case of women.

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That was a fun thread to read. Now you know, what goes around between two girls who are the best of friends. Some beautiful moments, crazy ones and of course 80% drama that men don’t get it.

(h/t: ScaryMommy)