This Guy Got Frustrated After Asking His Mom To Email His Logs From His Computer, But The Ending Is Fine

We have all been there. We get to school and we realize that we left our very important project behind. This is especially devastating since we worked so hard on it. This is what happened to one internet user, and we could all feel the pain seeping through in their post.

But they had a solution! They called their mother and asked her to email it to their phone. Brilliant! Until it was not… Let us just say that this person put more effort into getting that email than they did in that entire English class. Here is what happened…


This is when the panic settled in… can you feel it?


Oh man, abandon all hope.


Baby’s screaming? Well, so with this guy, she just couldn’t hear it.


It is amazing how patient you are when you are desperate.

Just take deep breaths, deep, slow breaths.

This guy is just about praying she won’t give up at this point.

Just take a taxi, and do it yourself.

Nearly there! You are nearly there!

Victory is so close, we can almost taste it…

Who knew we would get this far? This is a miracle.

Man, this person is so grounded, you can just see it from her texts.

We love our moms, and sometimes we tease them for being a bit technologically disabled. But keep in mind, that while you are grumbling about teaching her to send an email, she once taught you to use a spoon. So, they deserve a few lessons from us- without all the teasing. What would happen if she decided to tease you about all those diapers she had to change? So, go and call your mother. Give her a free lesson whenever she asks for it. You know she deserves it. And do not tease her!

(source: Imgur)