Guy Photoshops Himself Into Awkward Scenes With Celebrities and It’s Amazing

Life is how you see it. You can either make or break it with the way you take things coming your way. Some people though definitely have the ability to see the funnier side of it. One of them is Average Rob who has utilized his talent in the most unique manner possible. He has photoshopped himself into strange positions with celebrities and the effect we get is awesome. Have a look.

1. Ouch, that hurt me……


2. I’m the only one who cares for you…


3. Transferring the bag of lies.



4. Don’t leave me alone and go.

5. I want to be inside.

6. I promise I’ll save you no matter what happens.

7. Oh! I Love You so much.


This is a very friendly hug.

9. The perfect family picture.

10. Creation of a masterpiece.

11. Man and woman both at serious work.

12. This is how we ruin a perfect pose.

13. The water guy gets his share of limelight too.

14. Ruining the family portrait.

15. Picking up a dog’s p**p is not an easy task.

16. Do I deserve to be left out?

17. Snoozing away without any worry.

18. I tell you I don’t like the look on her face.

(h/t: Instagram)