This Guy Tweeted About The Only Person He Hated, and Now Everyone Is Hating On Him

Being a part of the generation in which pizza is considered to be better than humans (most of the times). So when this hilariously tragic story about a guy hatred towards a man unfolded, we prayed to the god of the evil that no blood is spilled.

No one likes it when a good cheesy slice of pizza is wasted. Now, imagine boxes and boxes of them just getting dumped in the trash. Well, this story will take you to that trash and make you wanna shout your heart out.

It all started one uneventful night.

PS: This guy is on my hate list too now.


When hatred wasn’t a common emotion but it knocked on this person’s door.


There is only one word in the dictionary invented for this particular moment- unacceptable.


It was hard work, let me be frank. Going through these tweets took a toll on my health and hence, I had to order a pizza that was wasn’t tucked under the arm.


My heart hurts. I can’t take this anymore.

*Crunches teeth together*

Why does nothing interest him!? WHY?

This guy knows nothing but cruelty. he can’t be trusted.

Ahhh, the pain of this is unbearable.

Okay. The judgment day is here. It’s now or never.

Oh man! Who the heck is this human? Why is he alive?

(h/t: CheezBurger)