23 Heart-pleasing Pictures To Gratify Your Mad Souls

There is nothing like a bad mood that a good old picture can’t fix. If you’re feeling a little low and didn’t know what to do, it’s okay we got your back! We have an amazing collection of pictures that are guaranteed to be something you haven’t seen before.

So, as I said, these pictures are some randomly clicked photographs with one in a million kind of situation. The results are amazing and unique. It has pictures like some beautiful islands that people don’t talk about often, or animals just being majestic caught in the moment. And all you gotta do is just look at them and enjoy the insights being listed about them.


1. Preserved cobras in glass bottles.


Nope, this isn’t something I’d like watching.


2. How cute is this mini snow owl?


The lady holding it and the owl they are picture perfect.


3. A mother and baby Orangutan in the wild.


Okay, maybe the baby is busy playing and doesn’t want pictures taken.

4. Tanah Lot in Indonesian island Bali.

The temple Pura Tanah Lot is the home to the ancient Hindu Pilgrimage, a famous tourist sight.

5. Abandoned chopper with multiple bullet holes.

It must’ve been from the war times. Those bullet holes are scary.

6. Ever heard of the show Altered Carbon on Netflix?

This is an advertisement scheme for the show where human bodies are stored for interchanging and death becomes a myth.

7. The only blur Tarantula that exists in India.

This tarantula is the only blue species of the Poecilotheria genus found in the deciduous forest in Andhra Pradesh, India.

8. Three little cute squirrels, great shot!

Their eyes are so hypnotizing, and those whiskers.

9. Can you guess the name of that young man glaring into the camera?

It’s the current President of Russia, Vladimir Putin when he was 18 years old.

10. There are two windows, and what are those?

The others are just paintings, yes its an illusion.

11. The Lenco Bearcat, military SUV for the S.W.A.T team.

Imagine owning one of these and driving around the hood, it’d be awesome.

12. That’s a handsome looking crab…

13. Parkroyal Hotel in Singapore with sky garden.

Greenery-Wrapped Towers, the true art of architecture and nature coming together.

14. Awww, sleepy head leopard resting in a branch.

So adorable, it doesn’t even look scary.

15. Panyi island situated in the southern kingdom of Thailand.

It is also a fishing village of the Phang Nga province established during the 18th century.

16. The famous Van Damme’s daughter Bianca Bree.

The 27-year-old is as fit and healthy like her action figure father.

17. The concept of Mythgard’s Volcanic Risi by Alexandre Mokhov.

This piece is inspired by the card game Mythgar of Rhino Games.

18. The Wuhan Train station of China.

The station has 11 platforms and 20 tracks. Quite a big one!

19. Jim Henson the famous creator of the muppets.

And that is Aughra from The Dark Crystal.


This Swiss water bottle has a mountain inside from mildlyinteresting


This Tree’s B*m from mildlyinteresting


The intensity of this rainbow refracted through my aquarium from mildlyinteresting


23. A big whale lying dead on the bay.

The guy who is guarding it seems to be very alert.

(source: eBaum’s World)