Hilarious Life Hacks That You Should Give A Try!

Life Hacks are back with even more hilarious tips.Yes, because literally, every problem has got a solution. No matter how funny or weird it is, people will always want to try them and see for themselves.

So here we are to fixing both minor and major problems:


#1. How do you fix a wall clock that almost has half of it missing?

Well, you can write down the numbers yourselves on a sheet of paper and glue it to the wall!

#2. How do you fix a broken shower head?


Use a bottle or a can, Punch tiny holes and you’re done! You only need to attach the bottle/can properly. 

#3. How do you fix a broken car seat?

 Replace it with your favorite chair! It’s that easy!

#4. How do you fix a broken tap?


With the help of tapes and paper clip, you’re good to go.(thumbs up to that!)

#5. How do you heat an electric kettle?

So you’ve misplaced the wire of your kettle. Use an iron instead to heat up the kettle. Since it’s difficult to balance the kettle on the iron, use your door mat and a shoe to create some balance.

#6. How do you fix a Door bell?

So your door bell isn’t working anymore. What you can do is place a bottle of stones and little rocks next to your door. Ask visitors to shake the bottle instead.

#7. How to get hot water without a geyser?

Use a candle to heat up the shower. All you need is a proper wire, wrap it accordingly and there you have instant hot water.

#8. How to fix a broken chair?

To be more specific, the missing leg of the chair. Place a bottle instead and solve the missing piece!

(h/t: Imgur)