18 Hilarious Tweets Roasting Marvel’s “Infinity War” for Everyone Who Watched It

As of now, the excitement and thrill of The Infinity war release have loosened up a little bit since it has been over a week since the premiere show – though it’s still smashing in the box office. It is one of the best crossovers between Marvel Cinematic Universe. And regardless of its crazy fan following across the globe, an impromptu twitter roasting session is always available right in the corner. Also, with the abundance of characters, it’s exactly an easy job for someone to glaze a particular scene and make fun of it.

We all love MCU and are a big fan of it but these tweets are to die for. They can get a lil meany but it’s super funny and relatable. Don’t get too emotional about it, though!


1. This scene almost made me cry, almost!


2. It’s all about the hand movements.


3. I can understand your feelings.


4. It was stupid but that’s why we are getting Infinity 4.

5. Wow, I just found my twin reaction!

6. Because he is hot and cold at the same time?

7. Vin Diesel looks so proud and content.

8. Not ‘Infinity’ friendly but I don’t mind at all.

9. “Well, first of all, she’s green, a very witchy color”.

10. “Heal the world, make it a better place”.

11. We need a new beginning of the movie.

12. Imagine the Avengers being the background dancers.

13. How did we miss this?

14. Haha, they never stop trying, do they?

15. That is what you call a real Man!

16. Wait! What? Is this about the suit?

17. Did the Marvel designing team got inspired by Kanye?

18. This one is pretty accurate.

(Source: Smosh)