24 Hilarious Things Kids Have Said Very Innocently About S*x

Kids have their unique way of doing things. Sometimes we understand what they are trying to say and at other times, no one knows what came out of their mouth. It’s only after a few seconds you are able to process everything and come in terms with the fact that they actually said something so bizarre.

Especially, when we are talking about the ‘thing’. It’s kind of a taboo subject until a child reached an appropriate stage but they see things and they hear things. What the make out of it is completely their imagination.

Here are a few responses kids gave before they realized what the deed actually was.


1. We do not have answers to that.


2. You don’t make a kid doubt you.


3. Now, that’s a pretty smart mom.


4. Oh wow. Okay, this doesn’t sound very good.

5. The thought is what that matters.

6. This child knows everything, unlike Jon Snow.

7. *Slides off into a corner for laughing hysterically*

8. Oh god, let’s just die now.

9. No one should put socks on the bed.


10. Do not hurt the peanut.

11. It’s better if she doesn’t find out.

12. So proud of the knowledge he had.

13. It can get overwhelming at times.

14. That makes more sense than it should.

15. You do not mess with the kiddo.

16. It must’ve been so damn awkward.

17. You just can’t say that loudly.

18. Something to think about.

19. Daddy should have elaborated a bit.

20. Yes, it means boy.

21. Oh no, this is not how it works.

22. She cannot have been more right.

23. How did he even think about that?

24. Never ever consider yourself smarter than a kid.

(h/t: SingleDadLaughing)