This Artist Flawlessly Illustrates His Lovely Experiences As A Father And A Husband

Is Love the most beautiful thing on Earth? Honestly, I don’t know, but when you see a family laughing together walking down the street holding hands, does that prove it? Or when you see a husband trying his best to make in time for the dinner date his wife is waiting for? It must be the effort, right? Because I don’t think love would survive a day without effort, one thing that I’m 100% sure about.

And when it comes to family, oh how fast time goes by when you were just wishing for the kids to get older the next minute they are seniors in high school. So, it all comes down to time, the only non-living and heavenly presence that binds up everything, giving meaning to every soul.

The little things that we share with our loved ones are the most to be cherished in future, French-American artist Pascal Campion based in Burbank, California beautifully portrays this essence of a family with his own personal experiences with his wife Katrina, 9-year-old daughter, and his 6-year-old twin boys.

Here are his heartfelt illustrations.



1. It always helps to have someone when you’re low.

2. The warm hugs you get from your kids unexpectedly.


3. The tease and fun in the kitchen.

4. It’s home when you have a partner waiting for you after a long working day.

5. The romantic night outs under the snowfall.

6. Sometimes running in the rain gives you the joy you didn’t know about.

7. The growth measurement is the most emotional one.

8. Crazy midnight dance with the gang.

9. Staying in and doing nothing with your beloved.

10. Enjoying the night sky watching the street go by.

11. Peeking through the early stage of motherhood.

12. Who says pillow fights are just for kids?

13. Waiting for her to come back home.

14. Sudden romance with no kids around.

15. Admiring together the miracle you create.

16. Feeling the teen romance under the rain.

17. Peaceful relaxation in the bath with her.

17. Picnic day under the bright sun.

18. Sharing the silence with the cat.

19. The magic of waking up along with the sun.

20. Goofing around with your favourite person.

21. Greeting nature and watching the seasons go by.

22. The epitome of all relationships: Growing old together.

23. Pascal and his kids on the beach.

What we do at the moment may not show us it’s significance right away but it sure does play an important role in the future years.