17 Husbands Share The Most Cute & Funny Things Their Pregnant Wives Do

It’s fascinating how life is formed in a mother’s womb through the different trimesters. We regard it as the most special gift of creation to mankind.

But with all thing beautiful also tags along few hard patches. The changes a mother goes through during this period is enormous physically, mentally and emotionally. Due to the hormonal change, they get cranky with mood swings that no one could expect. Plus their cravings and weird eating habits. Pregnant women need extra care and love especially from their husbands as both of them are taking this new journey together.

Husbands have the most important responsibility as they go through this emotional and challenging phase. And when it comes to dealing with pregnant wives, it’s hard but its funny too. As a third person, I can say it’s funny as of now.

Here are some cute and funny pregnant couples dealing with each other in everyday life.



1. It’s the sugar craving and it’s normal to find half eaten in the kitchen if you have a pregnant woman in the house.

jordanp1227 / Via instagram.com

2. That was Ice Cold. Just accept it!

chris hooker / Via Twitter: @TheMrHooker

3. I bet Jamie forgot to wake up early this morning!

crazycatladybex / Via instagram.com

4. Brian feels accepted again, big prize bruh!

Brian / Via Twitter: @huntington_bt

5. Wow, that’s super cold, is she turning into a fireball?

merrickaiken / Via instagram.com

6. “Man she can just fall asleep anywhere if she rests her head”.

drumsnstrums / Via instagram.com

7. The husband goes, “Just when I thought she can’t be ruder”.

Chris Pendleton / Via Twitter: @ChrisnotBritton

8. Here is one smart husband, ‘Sorry and chocolates’!

Ashley Goss / Via Twitter: @ms_mojoe

9. Some good advice for to-be-father young men!

Christopher Smith / Via Twitter: @TheLensLife

10. Yeah, and food holes are famous in the life of a pregnant lady!

schnazzynaz / Via instagram.com

11. The mood swings are the most entertaining!

Zastro / Via Twitter: @dearpreggywife

12. The heart of this husband with this lunch pack, I understand!

franki743 / Via instagram.com

13. He’s so confused, yes women can drive you crazy but a pregnant woman is record breaking!

kristin.lavalley / Via instagram.com

14. Geez, she’s scary! Better not touch that box man!

raised901 / Via instagram.com

15. And his dreams went down the sewer!

Frothy Dad / Via Twitter: @FrothyDad

16. The most subtle reason to argue on!

Christopher Grebe / Via Twitter: @IamAustinCG

17.  This woman’s comeback was on point!

coreyjinman / Via instagram.com
(h/t: Buzzfeed)