16 Cold Illustrations that Depict the Bitter Reality of The Existing Society

If we go deep into the roots gathering why society plays an important role, it is because it has a great impact on the cultural advances. And as you know, our modern society has sculpted a very stagnant system where morality and kindness have no place anymore.

Everyone is after their own goals and in order to achieve that they’d do anything possible even if it hampers the people around them. Selfishness and debauchery increased to tie down humanity in twisted knots that are impossible to untie. That’s why these actions need to be highlighted so that we all can realize it from a third person perspective. For that matter, we listed some illustrations below to show the source of human corruption and greed.


1. You wouldn’t even know it’s a pothole.


Wifi service has taken over our lives with such intensity that we can hardly function without it.

2. Investing all your emotions on social media is a big mistake.


Before you know it, you’ll step into the trap and get caught.

3. Human Barcodes, is this the next thing?


It will happen eventually in some ways, facial recognition tech has been flourishing recently.

4. The lovely present and the emotional future.

One can only imagine the privilege to be taken care by their own kids.

5. Unwanted attention blaming the clothing.

Pervertedness will remain no matter what the fashion is.

6. The sad truth of deforestation.

With the ever-growing population, the earth will go bald if measures are not taken.

7. This is in fact very true.

Children today don’t play outside anymore, they are all hooked up on their pads.

8. The life of a man, whatever the elders say is the truth.

This concept needs to end because our generations are very different and we can’t just rely on the past teachings.

9. Everybody becomes a judge on Facebook.

You just go pointing fingers at people.

10. Kids need to be given a break.

They have a certain amount of space for learning; overloading it is not education.

11. The virtual world is real and infectious.

It’s high time we see this error and make things straight.

12. Everyone has an upper hand to someone else.

Who is controlling you?

13. Why are men so attracted to bottoms?

And this trend is everywhere, I guess the Kardashian kingdom is to be blamed.

14. The privileged and the stricken.

You know, we should be grateful for what we have. It’s a blessing.

15. The idea of ‘Help’ has changed over time.

Helping someone out of guilt is not true help.

16. The need to be live all the time.

Showing it off doesn’t make you humble.

(Source: Pinterest)