18 Illustrations Cruelly Defining the Double Standards Existing in our Society

We all are a part of a big frightened family, living on this plane, trying to win hunger games. It’s definitely not a perfect society with hypocrisy prevailing as the most common trait. But how far can we get with this dual faced thing? The answer is very very far.

When there are two genders involved, one cannot expect either one to play fair. The game gets dirty as bias-ness towards the male gender gets dirty. This compilation of illustration portrays how females are treated and the way in which it is considered to be normal.

We humans, as a species, has excepted female to be an inferior race. Let’s see how these illustrations showcase the double standards.


1. Because that blouse hides everything.


2. You can love food only if you are slim.


3. Every mother goes through this.


4. Showing them isn’t as much of a big issue.

5. Love handles on men look good.

6. Girls cannot be good at math.

7. Fakeness is probably not an admirable trait.

8. Nothing a woman does can ever be right.

9. Bring that damn voice down, woman.

10. As soon as a man is saying it.

11. A man with perturbing belly can be anything but not a woman.

12. What on earth are you doing Helen?

13. “You did it man! That girl is such a s**t.”

14. You should use makeup but then you should not use makeup. Make your damn mind.

15. In conclusion, handsome guys are never creepy.


16. The terminology used for men and women.

17. What the society feeds you is never correct.

18. Male never follows, they lead, right?

(h/t: Postize)