15 Illustrations Portraying Social Media, Politics And Religions Control Us Big Time

Social media has been controlling the reign of our lives since past few years. It is the reason why people have lost interest in real communication as virtuality gradually became reality. And it’s not just the social media that controls you but the religion and politics too. Everything around us is taking over us and we are no longer in the driving seat of our life.

A purer form of what I am trying to explain to you has been cast as the illustration in the gallery below. It’s going to strike a nerve with you. Not a good one at that. Here you go!


1. Filtering anything and everything.


2. A rawness can be felt in this simple illustration.


3. That’s how the world of corporate works.


4. For the Star War fans.

5. Embracing and endorsing the power of brands.

6. Is this the result of lack of real social life?

7. Eating a burger is a sin.

8. Obsession to social media to a hazardous level.

9. Free expression? There’s nothing like that.

10. People are running after money and all sorts of materialistic things. And they will do anything to get them.

11. Saying truths like never before.

12. Anything for the likes on Facebook, huh?

13. The world is on his finger.

14. All we need is more popularity.

15. Because the world needs to see everything.

(source: quilesart/ deviantart)