25 Enchanting Illustrations to Reaffirm Your Decision to Live with Your Partner

Living with your partner can be quite an adventure in itself. Every day you discover something new about your better half and create heartwarming memories together. And, of course, a little madness is expected when you are living with your partner in crime, right?

All the unique and crazy emotions we feel when we live with the person we love have been beautifully illustrated by the artist @pokagh on Instagram. We have covered just some of our favorites from his entertaining gallery. Take a look at these and get ready to chuckle with joy.



1. Having children makes the morning a little less boring, a little more imaginative.

2. The warmth of love is all you need to withstand the seasons of life.


3. Night casts a spell to find peace and love in the company of one another.

4. Mixing work with pleasure doesn’t always bring a smile on face. Well, not upon yours.


5. Gender-breaking weekend roles are a mainstay of liberal, loving relationships.

6. You tend to give each the best possible gifts & surprises.

7. Showing gratitude for finding the special one.

8. Creating memories together, enriching moments with mindfulness.

9. Emotional support yields emotional strength.

10. The ‘Me Time’ is interchangeably used to detox without getting out of sight.

11. Relationships have a peculiar way to make us fall deeper, come-back stronger.

12. Play the muse to the creator of your life.

13. The biological urge gratifies real world fantasies.

14. Learning to cope with serious relationship issues.

15. The tricky question that puzzles every man.

It's a Trap! 👽

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16. The rest of the world fades away in the background when you are together.

17. It’s as if they are always there with you.

18. You are the centre of each other’s world.


19. Having a family is the best thing to happen.

20. And as it typical as it can get, the five minutes never end.

21. And no matter what the place is.

22. They stun you every moment with their hearty presence.

23. Who the heck is she, huh? *Jealousy is the best policy*

24. Helping and supporting each other no matter what.

25. Goofing around together is another one of your hobbies.