15 Incredible Facts You’ve Got To Know About Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson is a gem and you know it that’s why you are here. The actress of HBO’s sci-fi Westworld and the super controversial satirical comedy film Dear White Panda can now be seen in the as Marvel’s Valkyrie in Thor Ragnarok. This super talented 34-year-old actress believes in the spiritual way of living and remains grounded all the while which makes her even more fascinating.

No matter how much you have been following her, we are sure you won’t know about these 15 super fascinating facts about Tessa. So, get ready to be stunned!


1. She’s A Musician


Yes, you heard that right. This great actress is also a brilliant musician. Her father is the famous Marc Anthony Thompson of the Chocolate Genuis, Inc. so being musically inclined comes naturally to her.

2. Tessa loves to travel solo!

Her first solo trip was to Paris for 2 weeks, and soon enough she went for a 2-month solo journey through India.

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3. Got dressed up as a Prince for Halloween.

This cool girl even dressed up a Prince back in 2015.


4. For the love scene in Creed, she got totally naked!

Thompson and her co-star M. Jordan were wearing nothing during their lovemaking scene in Creed. Too much dedication, right?

Creed [Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]

5. A complete activist, she is.

The actress is truly passionate about several causes including feminism, racial issues, and diversity. In fact, she is a self-proclaimed “Female Agitator”. More power to you girl!

6. She played a gay poet for her first ever on-screen role.

Tessa started her on-screen journey with by acting in an episode of a television show called ‘Best Friends’. She played the role of a lesbian and a poet back in 1930’s, who had a taboo affair with another woman.

Cold Case [Credit: CBS]
Cold Case [Credit: CBS]

7. Tessa didn’t plan on becoming an actor at a younger age.

The talented lady didn’t always want to be an actor, in fact, she studied cultural anthropology at college and later on planned on running away and being a member of the peace corps.

8. She is a blend of Mexican and Panamanian cultures.

Tessa’s father is a Panamanian and her mother is a half Mexican. She confessed that this mixed ethnicity of hers helped while preparing for Dear White Panda. 

9. Tessa danced in a music video

Tessa had a cameo in the music video for ‘Yoga’, a song created by her friends, Janelle Monae and Jidenna. Seems like this girl is a complete package, right?

10. Tessa becomes truly dedicated towards her characters.

The actress not only got totally naked for her lovemaking scene in Creed but, she even moves to Philadelphia prior to the filming of the movie. She did this in order to truly understand the Philly culture and get it in her system.

11. The actress performed many Shakespeare’s plays.

Before coming on-screen, Tessa used to perform in theater and had played a number of characters of Shakespeare.

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12. The lady grew up in Brooklyn and LA.

She disclosed that she spent her childhood in Brooklyn, where her father lived, and at LA as well, where her mother and sister lived.

13. A complete style queen

The actress is quite selective over her picks. Earlier she used to have more of vintage threads, however, now she’s exploring silks, cotton, and other fabrics as well.

does this hat seem seem like a good idea just because Janet’s #rhythmnation is playing ?

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14. Tessa & her dad used to make a TV show on Hunting Lizards.

In her childhood days, Tessa and her dad used to traipse in the hills of LA and used to search for lizards and then, film their exploits.

15. Her tattoo has got a depth to it.

You must have seen her ‘Yes’ tattoo if you are a true fan of her. She has revealed the meaning behind it. The actress said that it was a souvenir to commemorate the end of an entire year of learning to say “no” more often.

since I got my #YES with @jsuskin, some special people in my life got one too . this makes my heart sing .

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