15 Intelligent Kids Who Became Inventors At A Very Young Age

Urban Dictionary defines a life hack as a tool or technique that makes some aspect of your life easier or more efficient. No doubt, some of us have our own life hacks and we feel very clever when we come up with one. But then there are these kids. These are our future world rulers, judges, and other similar professions.

Not only do they come up with life hacks like it’s no big deal, and they do so with such ingenuity that it leaves us, adults, amazed. Seriously, these kids are going to do great things someday. That, or enslave us all. Either way, great things.



1. Juice breaks are for newbs. This little girl is in it to win it.

2. This little guy is the king of the Pokemon players, and he has the perfect way to prove it.


3. A sticky spoon will now be a thing of the past.

4. That’s how you make it easier.


5. It was at this point that the parents began to wonder if she was a part primate.

6. In this case, getting the bottom bunk is actually a win.

7. This is what happens when your sister hogs the T.V.

8. This little girl knows that all the time is snack time.

9. Why do I feel like this kid could solve a lot of my problems?

10. This is both incredibly clever and kind of lazy. I like it!

11. When that book is so good you can’t put it down.

12. When two future engineers are forced to share their toys.

13. This kid totally gets what life is all about, man.

14. School projects are just getting more and more advanced.

15. This little girl is going to go very far in life.

(Credit: AcidCow)

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